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  • Bio: Sam Conjerti’s music transcends time, and so does he, since he has been surviving in this industry for over 30 years. He has used those 30 plus years to toss his hat in many different rings, including artist, producer, manager, etc. He likes to keep himself busy. Regardless of all of the different pots Conjerti has his hands in, he should feel right at home as a singer/songwriter. His music is good, and so is his voice. Sometimes his music has a country feel to it, while other times it has a melodic rock, indie feel. What Conjerti can do well is write relatable lyrics that still sound personal to him. Conjerti recorded his first album, Earth Free, in 1972, as part of the group Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley. He currently is a proud member of the Just Plain Folks Buffalo/Niagara chapter and co-founder of the “Seldom Herd” group of performers. He is definitely worth a listen and worth a little piece of your time. I think you will be somewhat pleasantly surprised after you listen to him. Listen @ www.wnypodcast.com
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