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Contests won

Contest Description Ended Entries Prize
Phases of the Moon over 7 years 30 $250

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Contest Description Time left Entries Prize
Soundtrack Needed for Nonprofit Promo Video about 7 years 1 $500
Pink Glove Project over 7 years 1 $300
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  • Bio: James Holland is a songwriter, arranger, and producer of Pop, Acoustic and Rock Music. He has designed music for a fashion show, won a MusikPitch award, produced an album for fixture on the West Seattle punk scene, and performed in Texas and the great Northwest. James Holland played music since the age of 12, first with the french horn and then guitar, involving himself in all sorts of music including classical, rock ‘n roll and jazz. He co-founded a band in 1998 called Five State Drive as a co-writer and lead guitarist. The band would go on to release two CDs, “Anytime.Soon”, in 1999 on MP3.com and “If Life’s a Joke, I Don’t Get It”, in 2001 on Up To Zero Records as well as inclusion on “All That Matters”, a compilation for the American Cancer Society. In 2001, with the ending of Five State Drive, James helped form Smoking Picasso which self-released an EP titled “The Golden Spiral” and played across Austin in various venues including Antoine’s until disbanding in 2005. In 2008, James recorded demos that became an integral foundation of his next project, Ant In Amber later renamed This Modern Love, in which he was one half of the creative process. The band performed around Seattle in several venues and created self produced material that was distributed online. In 2010, the band decided to call it quits. In 2009, James became the producer and engineer for the full-length CD, “The United States of Bijhanistan” by Bijhan, a fixture at the time in the West Seattle punk scene. In July of 2010, he received commission for his first work-for-hire, Phases of the Moon, through a MusikPitch contest. On October 23, 2010, James unveiled a piece for the Versus Fashion Show named "Joan Jett vs. Jellyfish" to supplement Angel Gehm's fashion vision to great success. The song ended up in the promotional video for the fashion show as well as the portfolio videos that the stylists use to show their past work! With these successes past, he is ready to take on a whole new town and a whole new game in Los Angeles. Let there be music!
  • Website: http://www.facebook.com/JamesHollandMusic
  • Location: Seattle
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