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Questions for Project Holders

Q: Why should I use MusikPitch?

A: In short, MusikPitch makes the process of finding a songwriter or custom music more efficient, and much less costly. MusikPitch is a unique marketplace that's designed specifically to bring talented songwriters together with music supervisors, performing artists, marketing professionals and anyone else who needs their own song. Our approach is far less expensive and time-intensive than the current methods. And unlike posting an ad, MusikPitch ensures 100% satisfaction with the finished product.

With MusikPitch, you can:

  • Set up a new music project in minutes
  • Sit back while talented songwriters around the globe compete for your project
  • Discover great new talent from a largely untapped community of emerging artists
  • Set your price and project requirements

Q: What kind of talent is on MusikPitch? 

A: The songwriters who participate on MusikPitch vary widely in terms of background, experience, and geography. Many of our songwriters have extensive experience in the industry with both commercial and studio experience. Additionally, MusikPitch creates a forum for otherwise unknown independent talent from around the world to gain exposure. As a result, you can choose from a strong pool of creative and eager musicians and writers.

Q: Who sets the price?

A:  You do. Clients set the price based on project scope and budget. Higher prize values tend to generate more excitement among the community, a larger number of responses, and greater songwriter and song quality. However, MusikPitch dramatically lowers the price tag for sourcing custom songs. Our site opens your projects up to budding talent around the world — so you might just find the next great songwriting legend for your project, at a fraction of the cost. And even if your budget is small, MusikPitch connects you with talented songwriters willing to work for your specs.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with any of the entries? 

A: That's okay. MusikPitch offers a 100% money back guarantee — meaning if you're not happy with any of the songs submitted during your project, and you were providing adequate feedback and ranking during your project, you're not under any obligation to select a winner. And we'll refund your original submission fee 100%.

Q: What if I want to select more than one song?

A: Currently, MusikPitch website functionality is not set up to allow for multiple winners (we are working on this). BUT! Please alert us at [email protected] or call 615.290.5702 and we will allow you to select multiple winners manually.

Q: What's the key to a successful project?  

A: The first key to a successful outcome is setting a fair and competitive price for your project based on your needs. As expected, projects with higher prize values tend to generate more responses. Equally important is being clear about your project needs and expectations. After all, in order to deliver your perfect song, songwriters need a clear understanding of what you want.

Take the extra time upfront to describe your project in as much detail as possible. MusikPitch lets you upload supplementary files and videos with your music projects. So, if you're looking for the right music to accompany a movie trailer or corporate identity video, post the video in your project.

One of the most important items is active participation and interaction between clients and songwriters. Give feedback and guidance to potential candidates to help them fine tune their entry to fit your needs. And be sure to RANK ALL ENTRIES as this alerts the songwriters you are an active participant.

Finally, if you Guarantee your project you wil receive more entries that are very high quality as the songwriters are ensured you are going to award a winner.

Q: What do candidates submit?

A:  Typically, songwriters will submit an mp3 file of their proposed song. After you have selected the winner, you can request a cleaned up and final wav file.

Q: Who owns the copyright?

A:  As anyone involved in the industry knows all too well, licensing terms, copyright ownership, and performing rights are far from simple matters. At MusikPitch, our goal is to streamline and simplify the process as much as possible — so both you and the songwriter can focus on the art, not the legal fine print. Our strong legal team has developed robust licensing terms that protect the interests of all involved.

By participating in a project, all songwriters agree to the licensing agreement you select when creating your brief. You can select to use the MusikPitch licenses which give you a choice between an exclusive license or a non-exclusive license. You can also upload your own license if the MusikPitch licenses do not meet your needs.

With the MusikPitch licenses, you're free to use the song in any capacity you wish. You'll receive the music ROYALTY-FREE unless you choose to sell the song or release it commercially. In this case, you'll pay the standard mechanical rate per CD sale or download. And, you don't have to worry about paying performance royalties — you simply need to file Cue sheets (per standard industry practice…)

Q: I'm not familiar with performance or mechanical royalties… I just want a song for my website, what does all this mean?

A: We understand that many of our project holders are simply looking for custom music for their sales presentation, online video, or website. Unless you ever decide to commercially sell CDs/ digital downloads of the song, or release it to a radio station, TV show or live event, you won't have to worry about paying mechanical royalties or filing cue sheets.

Q: Will I receive an exclusive or non-exclusive license for my song? 

A:  There are two types of licenses: exclusive vs. non-exclusive. In a non-exclusive license, songwriters can license the song in the future to another contest holder. An exclusive license will ensure that the song will only be licensed to you and nobody else. An exclusive license will require a higher prize amount as the song will only be licensed once and the songwriter will require the proper reward amount for their work. There is also a third option to use your own license. So if you have a license already that your company has been using, feel free to use that license for your project.

Q: How much does it cost to launch a project?

A:  The cost structure is straightforward:

  • $39 flat fee to set up a new music project on MusikPitch
  • Prize handling fee of 15% of your prize amount
  • Your defined music prize based on whatever your budget and project scope allow (remember, with MusikPitch's risk-free guarantee, you only need to award this prize if you are 100% happy with one of the entries after actively participating in the full run of the project).

Q: Who rates the songs?

A:  You rate the songs based on how much you like them and how close you believe the song fits your project description. Songs scoring 5 or 6 as rated by you at the end of your project will be placed in that songwriter's top songs list. Please remember to rate the songs as it helps the songwriters know if they are creating quality work.

Q: What kind of music can I ask for?

A: You can run a MusikPitch project for virtually any kind of custom music — whether it's sound for a movie soundtrack, background music for a tradeshow presentation, or a personal song for your wedding or parents' anniversary. When creating a new music project, you will select one of the following category choices:

  • Commercial/advertisement
  • Corporate brand
  • Blog/website
  • Podcast
  • Feature film
  • Independent film
  • Movie trailer
  • TV show
  • Cartoon
  • Video game
  • Personal/online video
  • Personal song
  • Theater
  • Other: sports teams, groups, clubs, restaurants, schools, conferences, festivals, vacations, reunions, cities, towns, parties/birthdays, families, holidays, fundraisers/charities, weddings…

Q: What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

A. We offer a money back guarantee on your project. If you are not satisfied with the music you have received for your music project after you have provided adequate feedback and let the contest run for the full 14 days, contact us within 30 days of your project completion and we will refund the prize amount paid. We are sorry but we cannot refund MusikPitch service fees paid.

Questions for Songwriters

Q: Why should I compete on MusikPitch?

A: MusikPitch is a unique online community designed specifically to bring talented songwriters together with those companies, studios, and individuals looking for custom songs and music. As a songwriter, MusikPitch will help you easily find a market for your songwriting and music making talents.

The MusikPitch process is straightforward and easy to navigate. You won't have to worry about handling complex licensing negotiations that delay the process (and payment) for weeks or months. You don't have to blindly send your art to music supervisors or big firms with the hope your tracks will be heard someday. And you don't have to market or sell yourself to people who may or may not be interested. Rather, at MusikPitch, clients state exactly what type of song they need and how much they are willing to pay. You can browse through the projects and submit your work to the ones that fit. The best song will be selected, and that songwriter wins the prize money.

With MusikPitch…

  • You'll have the chance to work with large and small clients alike — from big name movie studios and brands to individuals who appreciate your talent
  • You can browse through a wide range of lucrative opportunities
  • You can build valuable relationships with long-term clients
  • You can be confident about the entire process — from the clients and their ability to pay to the licensing agreement and legal contract
  • And most of all, you can get paid for your talents

Q: Is MusikPitch going to hurt the songwriting industry?

A:  Anyone involved in the songwriting business understands that the music industry is undergoing drastic changes. Songwriting revenues are declining and there are fewer places for songwriters to find a market for their talents. With MusikPitch, our goal is to empower songwriters to find new markets and lucrative opportunities for their songwriting and music making talents. We're bringing together clients who need custom music with those of you who can make that happen. In short, we want to make sure you get paid or doing what you love.

You'll notice a wide range of project types and contest prizes on MusikPitch. Not everything is going to be a race to the bottom in terms of compensation. There are still plenty of companies, studios, and individuals who recognize quality work and are willing to pay accordingly. And MusikPitch creates a central place for you to easily find all these opportunities.

Q: If I've never sold any of my songs, can I still participate?

A:  Absolutely. MusikPitch is the perfect venue to break into the songwriting business and start getting paid for your creativity and talent. If you produce compelling and quality music, we guarantee that MusikPitch clients are waiting to hear your work.

Q: Who sets the price?

A: The project holder sets the prize based on the project scope and their budget.

Q: Who posts projects on MusikPitch? How can I find projects that interest me? 

A: MusikPitch gives you a wide range of opportunities to earn money from your songwriting and music making talent. You'll have a chance to work with TV studios, the film industry, corporate marketing departments, and even individuals looking for their own songs.

As a songwriter, you can easily browse the projects for the type(s) of music that fit your skills and interests. Specific categories include:

  • Commercial/advertisement
  • Corporate brand
  • Feature film
  • Independent film
  • Movie trailer
  • TV show
  • Cartoon
  • Video game
  • Web / Blog / Podcast
  • Personal/online video
  • Personal song
  • Theater
  • Other: sports teams, groups, clubs, restaurants, schools, conferences, festivals, vacations, reunions, cities, towns, parties/birthdays, families, holidays, fundraisers/charities, weddings…

Q. What makes a contest "Healthy?"

A. The project holder has prepaid the prize amount and the MusikPitch staff has approved of the project.

Q. What is a Guaranteed project?

A. The project holder has Guaranteed that they will select a winner so there is no chance that the project may be cancelled!

Q: Who rates the songs?

A:  The project holders will rate the songs based on how much they like them and how close they believe the song fits the project description.

Q: What kind of music can I submit?

A:  With MusikPitch, you should submit whatever song or sound best fits the particular needs of the project holder. The only requirement is that each submission must be your own original material and meets the needs of the project holder's brief.

Q: What is the 3 song limit?

A:  To ensure the project holders don't get overwhelmed with entries, there is a 3 song entry limit per project. If the project holder is showing interest in a specific songwriter, this limit can be waived by request of the project holder. NOTE: Withdrawn and eliminated songs still count as entries.

Q: Who can see my project entries and music?

A: All MusikPitch projects are open so any music you submit can be heard by the project holders, other songwriters, and others viewing the project.

Q: How do I promote myself on MusikPitch?

A:  Each songwriter has a profile showing the number of projects won and top songs. Top songs occur when the songwriter scores a 5 or 6 in the ranking score by the end of a project. However, the most effective way to promote yourself on MusikPitch is to submit your best work that fits the project holder's needs. After all, we're interested in leveling the playing field for all talented songwriters. It's the quality of your work that determines your success, not your pedigree and background.  

Q: When I win a project, what happens to my song? 

A:  As anyone involved in the industry knows all too well, licensing terms, copyright ownership, and performing rights are far from simple matters. At MusikPitch, our goal is to streamline and simplify the process as much as possible — so both you and the project holder can focus on the art, not the legal fine print. Our strong legal team has developed robust licensing terms that protect the interest of all involved.

By participating in a project, you (as the songwriter) agree to the song license as established by the project holder. This license can be the standard MusikPitch licenses which are either exclusive or non-exclusive. The project holder can also choose to upload a license of their own. You will see a copy of this license before uploading your music to ensure you agree to it if you win.  

As the winner, you'll receive 100% of the stated prize amount, plus 100% of any performance/mechanical royalties for the song. MusikPitch will pay you mechanical royalties as described in our Service and User Agreement, ASCAP or BMI will pay performance royalties.  You'll also have to register the work separately with ASCAP or BMI, so you can be paid any future performance and/or mechanical royalties.

Q:  How can a project holder use my song?

A:  Per the terms of the MusikPitch agreements, our project holders are free to use the winning song in any capacity they wish. If they decide to sell CDs or digital downloads of the song, you can collect 100% of the mechanical royalties for your work. And if they decide to release your song in a public broadcast, you will receive 100% of the performance royalties.

Q: Can I contact a client to learn more about a project?

A: Yes. We encourage active interaction and communication between client and songwriter. After all, you need to understand a client's particular needs in order to submit a successful song. You are free to contact a client throughout the duration of the project in order to clarify a detail or find out more information that could help your submission. We also encourage clients to contact promising songwriters who have submitted a song in order to provide feedback to improve their song (and their chances to win).

Q: After I've won a project, can I continue working with that client on future projects? 

A: Yes. We want our songwriters and clients to flourish — and in many cases, MusikPitch sparks strong professional relationships that continue long past the initial project. As a songwriter, a project can be a valuable stepping stone to a longer term working relationship.

Q:  How does the Songwriter list work?

A:  Clicking on the Songwriters button in the header of the website will take you to the songwriter list. This is a list of all the songwriters on MusikPitch with the top songwriters at the top of the list. The ranking algorithm works like this: songs that have won projects receive 5 points, songs receiving a ranking of 6 by the project holders receive 2 points, songs receiving a ranking of 5 by project holders receive 1 point. The total points a songwriter has determines their rank in the list. Songs that don't win and receive a 4 or below from the project holder don't receive any points.

Q: How can I be certain a project is legitimate?

A: As an online community, MusikPitch offers a far more open and transparent system than answering classified ads or other listings. Every project is PREPAID. Also, for every project, you can see the project holder's history — including prior projects held and prize money awarded. You can even choose to participate only in Guaranteed projects (where the project holder commits to awarding the prize once the project has ended). As a result, it's easy to determine where to invest your efforts and you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your dealing with a reputable client with a strong history for paying songwriters for their hard work and talent.

Q: What happens if a project is cancelled?

A. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all projects to the contest holder. Sometimes it happens that the projects holder isn't 100% satisfied with the entries for their project. Another case may be that the project holder is a music supervisor or other party working to pitch your songs to film studios or a company searching for music. If the final songs are not selected for the project, the project holder is refunded their fee's and the prize amount they chose. We never like to see this happen but understand that the final decision rests with the person paying the prize. If you don't want to take the chance that a project can be cancelled, just look for the Guaranteed symbol next to the Healthy symbol for a project. In a Guaranteed project, the projectt holder has Guaranteed they will select a winner!


Need more help?  Please feel free to contact us.