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Music for Films

Do you need custom music for a film, new feature / independent / or documentary project?

Launch a new custom film music project on MusikPitch and songwriters around the world will compose custom music for your film, movie or show. You set the price and pick the winning score your project. Once you hear a composition you like, award the composer with your chosen prize and you'll receive a license to use that song. And don't worry if you don't find that perfect song; we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

With the MusikPitch license, you can use and administer the winning song in whatever way you choose: for use in the film, sequels, prequels, advertising, movie trailers, co-promotions, or anything else. You can choose between our exclusive or non-exclusive license or even upload your own.

Get your new custom film music project started now by clicking Launch a Project!

  1. Post a project description, prize amount, and license
  2. Watch our community of songwriters submit entries
  3. Pick a winner