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MusikPitch: the online marketplace for custom songwriting

MusikPitch brings the power of crowdsourcing to the songwriting industry. It's an online marketplace that connects talented songwriters with music supervisors, studios, brands, and anyone else looking for custom songs and music. Clients post their specific song requirements to MusikPitch, and a passionate community of songwriters from around the world compete by submitting their original tracks for each opportunity. It's an easier and far more efficient way for companies to find the right talent for their songwriting needs, while simultaneously empowering the songwriting community with a brand new market for their music making talents.

The MusikPitch marketplace can be used for virtually any custom songs or sounds —whether it's for a company, studio, or individual. Project samples include music for corporate branding, movie trailers, TV shows, video games, as well as personal songs for reunions, parties, weddings, schools, and more. MusikPitch charges a small flat fee and 15% of the prize fee to post a new music project. The site and service are completely free for songwriters.

For brands and music supervisors…

It's never been easier to source custom music. As soon as a project holder posts a new project, songwriters begin competing for the project's prize. MusikPitch's well-developed songwriter community lets corporate brands and music supervisors tap into the diverse skills and creativity of established songwriters with years of industry experience, as well as emerging and independent talent. The unique song pitching format eliminates the risk typically associated with hiring a songwriter. At the end of the project, clients simply pick their favorite song, release the prize to the winning songwriter, and leave with a custom song they know they love. With MusikPitch, companies source custom songs on their own terms, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For songwriters…

Regardless of location, background, or experience, talented songwriters can get their music heard and win contracts on MusikPitch. The online marketplace offers a professional and secure environment for songwriters to find interesting projects, compete for specific opportunities, grow their client base, and most importantly — get paid for their talent and skills in an increasingly challenging industry. MusikPitch songwriters instantly see the latest opportunities from a wide range of clients and project types. It's a straightforward approach that shows who needs custom music, what kind of song they want, and what they're willing to pay.